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Gérard Piquard

I was born on 26 May 1951 in Besançon, France. I was a tool-and-die maker before working as a civil servant for the Ministry of Justice and am now retired.

I began fly fishing and fly tying forty years ago. I live in the small village of Montrond Le Château which is close to the Loue, Dessoubre, and Doubs Rivers. Most practical!

Since 2004, my wife and I have been operating a Bed and Breakfast dedicated to fly fishers.

I have been a water bailiff for 35 years on the Loue River, mainly at the Lodge de la Piquette, where I was honoured to fish with Dr. Pequegnot, Raymond Rocher, and Jack Hemingway. I am currently the manager of Moulins des Isles, one of the most beautiful fishing stretches of the Valley of the Loue where Major Oliver Kite came and fished.

I have fished in the USA, in Swedish Lapland, and in Slovenia. Until 2018 I have been a member of l'International Fario Club, the club founded by Charles Ritz, and often travel to and fish the wonderful Bavarian and Tyrolean rivers, places where I have made friends.

During shows and fairs, I show fly tying. In France, I am considered a specialist in tying Ornans flies which were created by M. Gérard de Chamberet as part of his Gallica “collection” of flies. These flies are much used in our country. I am also an originator of tying flies with deer ear hair.

I am a co-worker with the French weekly magazine Pêche Mouche for items concerning fly tying.

Since 2012, I have taken part in the EWF either on the JMC-Mouches de Charette stand, the Au Ver à Soie - Pèche à Soiestand or on the stage with the great international fly tyers.

I will principally tie fishing flies, nymphs, emergers, and dry flies and look forward to meeting you at the 2024 EWF.

Gérard Piquard