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About us

The EWF, the place of and for fly fishers.  The primary purpose is meeting and getting to know enthusiasts, the interested, the curious, the knowledgeable, and experts.

The EWF is the exhibition where you see each brand only once.  That way, you, the visitor, can experience full product variety, the high quality of the exhibited products, interesting services, and a comprehensive program.


“Experience the World of Fly Fishing” is a regularly occurring event which provides you with information and demonstrations, product exhibitions, and the exchange of experience, all revolving around fly fishing.  For this, we have been able to attract, as exhibitors, top manufacturers and product representatives from the entire world.  Each year brings more.



During the previous ten years of “Experience the World of Fly Fishing,” we have had increasing success in pursuing our concept.  We gladly hear proposals and suggestions for improvement and incorporate many.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank our exhibitors and the wonderful interest of our visitors and, course, for the abundant positive feedback!  The enthusiasm of the exhibitors and visitors alike has been most impressive and has confirmed we are on the right track.

Ideal for a weekend with friends or family.
The organizers of the EWF greatly look forward to your joining us!


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