We mourn the loss of Theo (Todor) Atanassov!

On 13 and 14 April 2024, Theo Atanassov visited the 19th EWF for two days despite his serious illness and was thus able to fulfil a heartfelt wish. Accompanied by his closest friends, he visited the EWF exhibitors, sat with all his long-time friends and was in the foyer of the Tenne, where he was actually still tying flies.

Now Theo Atanassov has closed his eyes forever on 4 July 2024 and the fly fishing world has lost a great fly fisherman and friend. For over five decades, he fished with enthusiasm all over the world, taught himself how to cast and tie, tied his fly artworks to absolute perfection and gave casting courses.

As a trained ship mechanic and later a professional musician, he had special fine motor skills that he knew how to use perfectly for his fly tying and rod making. He was a real tinkerer and always found a solution to produce his fly patterns and fly rods, various accessories and tying equipment etc. to a high quality.

After leaving Bulgaria in 1975, he chose Berlin as his new home, worked there as a car mechanic until his retirement and intensively pursued his passion for fly fishing in his free time.

Theo Atanassov attended many fly fishing fairs, fly fishing meetings and regulars' tables in Germany and abroad and was always happy to socialise with his fly fishing friends. Among other things, articles on his fly patterns were also published in various fly fishing magazines.
He was often invited to Bulgarian fly fishing meetings as a guest of honour and always enjoyed the Bulgarian fly fishing community.

Theo Atanassov launched the EWF fly tying programme for children and young people in 2007 and has coordinated it with great dedication every year since then. Back then, he started the fly tying programme with three children and was able to introduce up to 130 children to the passion and art of fly tying at times in the years that followed, before retiring from the children's programme completely in 2019. He was also a member of the jury at the Open German Fly Tying Championships four times. Theo was an integral part of the EWF team until the end.

Theo Atanassov will live on in the hearts of his fly fishing friends and we will all remember his anecdotes and stories, which he loved to tell in convivial company. We will miss you!

EWF Images in chronology from 2007 to 2024





Important appeal for the 19th EWF!!

The company Renomed - Scissors manufacture, asks all persons who bought Renomed products at the stand in the Stadtsaal at the EWF to get in touch with us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone +48-61-8685533

You are also welcome to contact us directly and we will pass on the contact details.

Thank you!

Please note: This is not a recall!


PastedGraphic 2


Wild Salmon Without Borders – energising international collaboration for the restoration of wild Atlantic salmon.


IMG 2680 resized   IMG 8331 resized   IMG 8305 resized

The ‘Wild Salmon Without Borders’ event, part of this year's 19th International Experience the World of Fly Fishing (EWF) fly fishing show in Germany, took place over the weekend of April 13th and 14th and successfully brought together key individuals and organisations from across Europe to motivate a renewed focus on international collaboration for wild Atlantic salmon restoration. The Atlantic Salmon Trust, together with EWF show organisers, worked together to create and host the event. Expert speakers from all across Europe were brought together, including representatives from the Atlantic Salmon Trust, Missing Salmon Alliance, North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF), Norske Lakseelver, World Fish Migration Foundation, Fario e.V., Wanderfische ohne Grenzen e.V., Danmarks Centre For Vildlaks, and Patagonia.

This lineup of speakers ensured that wild Atlantic salmon representation came from a range of countries, including Iceland, Norway, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark, France, and Ireland, with speakers highlighting a variety of issues affecting wild Atlantic salmon. These included the dangers and risks posed by open net pen salmon farming, red skin disease, and barriers to migration. However the event sought not to dwell on the many problems facing wild Atlantic salmon, but to create a platform to offer positive solutions with which we can move forward. This included sharing habitat restoration case studies, successful barrier removal campaigns, the success story of the restoration of the River Skjern in Denmark, as well as how to successfully raise public awareness against unsustainable open pen salmon farming practices.

Several short films were shown at the event, aiming to highlight the cultural importance of wild Atlantic salmon. These included the French animated film ‘Salmo’ by Paul Pajot, British animated film ‘Wild Summon’ by Karni Arieli and Saul Freed which was nominated for a BAFTA and shortlisted for an Oscar, and Patagonia’s latest film ‘Laxaþjóð | A Salmon Nation’ which tells the story of growing opposition to open pen salmon farming in Iceland.

Through the newly forged international links and relationships between individuals and organisations across Europe, initial collaborations have already been planned. The aim of the symposium to promote greater cross-border co-operation and action for the recovery and restoration of wild Atlantic salmon stocks was achieved.

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Important information!

Dear fly fishermen,
An e-mail is currently circulating in which the participant contacts of the International Experience the World of Fly Fishing 2024 are being offered for sale. This has nothing to do with us as EWF! Be careful, this is NOT our business!
With kind regards,
EWF organisers


Winners of the 17th German Open Fly-Tying Championship 2024! Congratulations!




Category: Dry Fly

1st Place - Luka Jezovšek- - Slovenia|  2nd Place -  Andrea Pegorin - Italy | 3rd  PlaceEnrico Reinert  - Germany

Category: Streamer

1st Place - Robert Wolhorn - Germany|  2nd Place - Christian Kölle - Germany 3rd PlaceMiha SternadSwitzerland

Category: Realistic Fly

1st Place - Manuel Chapa Martin - Spain| 2nd Place - Christian Kölle - Germany | 3rd Place - Charly Streif - Germany

Many thanks to Ahrex, Renomed and YETI for the Sponsoring!




Many thanks to the jury and the coordinators!




Read more about the winners and their flies... 


Thank you very much for visiting us at the 19th EWF on 13 and 14 April 2024!

EWF Team 2024

In bright sunshine, we were once again able to welcome many exhibitors and visitors from all over Europe and the world. The atmosphere was great and the programme was overwhelming. In the beer garden we met many cheerful fly fishermen with their friends over a beer and pretzels. The children's and youth programme with tying and casting was sensationally well attended. Despite the beautiful weather, more than 1000 visitors listened to the demonstrations. The women's programme was again a complete success.

We would like to thank the Atlantic Salmon Trust for choosing the EWF as the starting point for its salmon initiative "Wild Salmon Without Borders".

More than 2,000 euros were raised for our new charitable endeavour - supporting Glücksmomente e.V.. A big THANK YOU at this point too!

Thank you to the Veranstaltungsforum Fürstenfeld for their active support, so that the EWF could run so beautifully and perfectly.

We are grateful for the many gifts - culinary delicacies, fine wines, cakes, sparkling wine, fly fishing articles and beautiful souvenirs - that we received from visitors and exhibitors. THANK YOU!

The entire EWF team, some of whom have been with us for 19 years, wish you all the best and look forward to a healthy and happy reunion on 5 and 6 April 2025 - at the anniversary edition of the EWF!

Best wishes from the EWF organisers
Robert and Michaela Stroh, Armin and Nicole Pijawetz


The construction of the 19th EWF has begun in bright sunshine!





Join us for the children's fly tying award ceremony on 14 April 2024 at the 19th EWF!

Award ceremony and announcement of the winners of the tying competition for children and youth on Sunday 14 April at 15:00 at the children's fly tying table.


Presentation of award winners of the 17th German Open Fly Tying Championship on Sunday 14 April 2024 at 12:00 pm at the Foyer Tenne/Courtyard.! 


The 17th German Fly Tying Championship was very popular with 63 entries from 10 countries.

Great flies were submitted - The fly tyers did a fantastic job!

The jury members will do the evaluation on Friday.

Also special thanks to Erwin Tibad and Aihan Sali-Oglou for the preparations and guidance during the evaluation of the submitted flies.

Art and Craft again at the EWF on 13 and 14 April 2024!


1. Theo van de PollTying of Leaders read more about Theo …


2. Anatol DonkanFish Leather & Design - read more about him  …

3. Dieter Schiele -  Art Painter -  read more about Dieter ...


4. Art Merk - Handmade fly fishing leather accessories -  Read more about Art Merk ....







5. Rudolf Faltis -  Painting and Sculpture - read more about Rudolf Faltis ...



6. Angela Lenz -  Hand-painted fly boxes made of bamboo with fishing motifs -  read more about Angela Lenz ...



7. Cosimo Raia -  Making of Salmon Fly Hooks - read more about Cosimo Raia ...







The 17th Open German Fly Tying Championship - Jury Members and Presentation of Award Winners!

The evaluation of the flies will take place at the EWF 2024. We are very pleased to present our jury members:
- Igor Stancev - Macedonia
- Nadica Stanceva - Macedonia
- Peter Kunz - Switzerland
- Gerd-Peter Wieditz - Germany
Presentation of Award Winners
Presentation of award winners of the 17th Open German Fly Tying Championship on Sunday 14 April 2024 at 12:00 at the Foyer Tenne/Courtyard of the Tenne.

 Read more ...


Young and old, big and small, watch out - Leopold, the little brown trout, talks about his life at the EWF !

Reading from the book "Fly Fishing - Diary of a Brown Trout", A children's book (also for adults)

In bunk 17, on the first floor of the Tenne, right next to the Patagonia stand, the little brown trout Leopold tells us about lessons at the trout school, first love, trout festivals, friendships and all kinds of dangers.
We will learn about fly fishing from Leopold's point of view, experience the changing seasons, enjoy the beauty of nature and feel how important it is to respect its delicate balance.
So come to Leopold's World on Saturday or Sunday at 12 noon and 2.30 pm and let us tell you about it.



Fully booked!

The double-handed course -  the Highlight after the 2024 EWF


Directly after the EWF 2024, the annual double-handed course will take place for the 16th time.

This year, the course will once again take place with the two instructors Paddy McDonnell from Ireland and Tom Brown from Scotland!

Date: Monday, 15 April and Tuesday, 16 April 2024

More information about the Double-Handed Course...


So many more fly tyers can you meet at the exhibitors' stands - they are looking forward to many interested EWF visitors!!

At the 19th EWF, 24 tyers will be on the stages, plus many more at the EWF exhibitors' stands. We are looking forward to:

  Daniela Misteli

  Eva Bellmann

  Arnold Gufler

Erwin Tibad

  Regine Maguhna

  Cristian Ottonetti

Hans Eiber

Rainer Roth

Horst Burgstaller

Adrian Hauser

Georg Christel

Rudi Wiestermayer

Heinz Zöldi

Robert Wolhorn

 Alois Trübner

Guido Scala

Michael Neitzel

Jakob Dellen

Peter Elberse

Dusan Dolinar
and many more ....


Programme brochure of the 19th Experience the World of Fly Fishing directly at the event!

On both days you will receive the EWF programme with detailed overviews of the casting demos, lectures etc. at the entrance and at the EWF information stand!


Look forward to the panel discussion and Q&A on fishing and salmon conservation with four experts from four countries!

Join the Wild Salmon Without Borders programme for a panel discussion with Klaus Frimor (Denmark), Paddy McDonnell (Ireland), Tom Brown (Scotland), and Thomas Knutsen (Norway) on how fishermen can help in the fight for wild salmon conservation.

Saturday, 13 April, and Sunday, 14 April, from 14:30 to 15:15




Coffee cart and pizza stand in the courtyard of the Stadtsaal

Also this year, we will again set up a coffee cart and a pizza stand for you in the courtyard of the Stadtsaal. Why not drop by for a small snack/refreshment in between.




14 days until the deadline for the 17th German Open Fly Tying Championship.

Please send your flies to Erwin Tibad as a reminder!

Many thanks for the flies already sent in from 9 nations! As the flies have been sent both to the EWF address and to Erwin Tibad's address, please send the entries to Erwin. The flies sent to the EWF office have of course already been forwarded and will not be lost.
Click here for the submission address - Read more ...

Who would like to get to know the Italian casting style at the 19th EWF on 13 and 14 April? SIM Suisse is offering free mini courses again this year!

Come and visit them in the Stadtsaal at their stand or at their casting area behind the Stadtsaal!


PROGRAMME Wild Salmon Without Borders ONLINE! 

The comprehensive and unique programme for the protection of wild Atlantic salmon is online!






Dear EWF visitors arriving by motorhome or camper...

We are often asked again this year whether there are possibilities to park your motorhome or camper close to the EWF.

Yes, not far from the EWF grounds there are.... beautiful, newly built parking spaces for motorhomes, please use them.

When visiting the EWF, please also park your motorhome in the designated parking spaces and not across them. Our EWF team reserves the right to ask you to re-park.


For more information on parking motorhomes, please see these links:$file/Flyer%20WoMo%20Stellplatz.pdf




Book Launch of “Line Poetry - Spey Casting with the single handed rod” at the Casting Pool!




Christopher Rownes and Jürgen Friesenhahn will be giving a joint demo at the EWF's large casting pool to mark the book launch of “Line Poetry - Spey Casting with the single handed rod” and will also be giving away a signed copy of the book at the end. Anyone who would like to find out more or purchase a copy of the book is cordially invited to visit the Forelle & Äsche stand on the upper floor of the Tenne!

To the casting programme ...


The Casting Programme of the 19th EWF is online!



At the large casting pool of the EWF, 12 different demos with great casters from near and far will take place again. Casting Coordinator, Juergen Friesenhahn, will accompany you through the entertaining programme. The casters are looking forward to many visitors!

To the casting programme ...


For the 18th time, members of Fly Fishers International are joining us at the EWF!


Certified single- and double-handed fly casting instructors will be on hand to answer questions about casting techniques, flies, equipment and other topics. Take advantage of the offer and visit the FFI at its stand by the casting pools.

Read more about the details...



New cooperation between EWF and Glücksmomente e.V. (Moments of happiness e.V.)!

This year we are supporting "Glücksmomente e.V.", an organisation that provides help and hope for seriously ill children and their families.

Moments of happiness - the sources of strength in everyday life


When we are doing well, we find happiness in many small things. However, in difficult phases of life and especially when we have to worry about our loved ones, moments of happiness become rare. This is all the more true when children and young people become seriously ill.
Glücksmomente e.V. focusses on the overall situation of the families affected. The aim is both to bring joy to the children and to relieve the parents during a difficult time.

We are supporting this great organisation this year. This year, we are supporting this great organisation. You can find more information about Glücksmomente e.V. online at www.glü or at the "Glücksmomente" stand on the first floor of the Tenne, which is run by the fly fisher Aihan Sali-Oglou and the fly tier Erwin Tibad.
As every year, you can buy the flies from last year's Open German Fly Tying Championship and many other fly fishing accessories.

All proceeds will go 100% to Glücksmomente e.V.

Appeal: Aihan and Erwin are also happy to accept donations of money and goods for Glücksmomente e.V.

Thank you!


The lecture programme of the 19th EWF is online!



Lectures on Saturday 13 April 2024

Lectures on Sunday 14 April 2024


One place has become available again - please contact us if you are spontaneous!

The double-handed course -  the Highlight after the 2024 EWF


Directly after the EWF 2024, the annual double-handed course will take place for the 16th time.

This year, the course will once again take place with the two instructors Paddy McDonnell from Ireland and Tom Brown from Scotland!

Date: Monday, 15 April and Tuesday, 16 April 2024

More information about the Double-Handed Course...

 EWF Whisky of the 19th EWF, 2024! - Treat yourself to a special drop!

Dear friends of the EWF and of fine taste,

Again this year, a limited edition of EWF whisky will be offered on the occasion of the Experience the World of Fly Fishing!

Find out what whisky there will be and who tied the salmon fly .....


My food basket - Flooded Nurseries for Young Fish!

Stefan Baur from Switzerland with a stand at the EWF

A really great thing for water managers and water wardens - and of course also for angling clubs and biologists. Stefan Baur has been producing feeders for running waters for many years and has had great success with them.
Here is an article from Petri Heil from 14 June 2021   Futterkoerbe--lebensraum-schaffen-fuer-kleintiere

Visit Stefan Baur in the Stadtsaal at stand S 48 right at the entrance. He is looking forward to a lot of interest and talks.
He will also be giving a presentation on Saturday and Sunday - well worth listening to!



Info: Dogs are allowed at the EWF!

Dear EWF visitors, we are asked from time to time whether dogs are allowed to visit the EWF. This is possible, as long as the dogs are kept on a leash. We also ask that dogs be kept on a leash in the outdoor area.

Thank you very much!


Photos: Visitors of the last EWF events 😊


11th Special Exhibition - Time travel through the history of the splitcane fly rod at the 19th EWF!

This unique special exhibition at the 19th EWF 2024 shows everything to do with splitcane bamboo fly rods:
Swiss rod maker Philipp Sicher shows the development of splitcane fishing rods from their beginnings to the present day and presents specimens from his large collection. The decades are embellished with exciting background information on rod manufacturers.

Come and see the exhibition in the foyer of the Tenne. Philipp is looking forward to many interested fishermen and conversations!

Read more about the special exhibition ...


ANNOUNCEMENT - Wild Salmon Without Borders

EWF and Atlantic Salmon Trust to host weekend event in Fürstenfeldbruck (near Munich), Germany on April 13 and 14 to energise international action for wild Atlantic salmon!


The EWF organisers and UK-based salmon conservation charity The Atlantic Salmon Trust are holding a weekend event to focus on the restoration of wild Atlantic salmon in Europe - Wild Salmon Without Borders. Get involved and help ensure that more international action is taken in favour of this iconic species. Visit the Salmon Symposium on 13 and 14 April in the Säulensaal of the Veranstaltungsforum Fürstenfeld and meet many committed organisations and experts. The detailed programme will be announced shortly.

Read more about  Wild Salmon Without Borders ...


Yasmany Picorel from Spain will be at the EWF casting pool for the first time!

Yasmany has successfully taken part in many competitions, won several medals and now teaches national teams himself. He continues to travel the world as a guide and his passion remains fly fishing. This year he will be at the EWF Casting Pool to show the audience something about the Spanish-style of dry fly fishing.

Read more about Yasmany ...

The list of fly tyers of the 19th EWF is online!
Over 40 world-renowned fly tyers show their talents at the numerous tying tables ... more fly tyers will follow shortly!



The 19th EWF is THE Event Highlight for Fly Fishing in Europe !

The largest European trade event "Experience the World of Fly Fishing - EWF" will be held for the nineteenth time on 13 and 14 April, transforming the grounds of Fürstenfeld Monastery and its beautiful ambience into a fantastic international fly fishing meeting place.
Over two days, you will meet over 100 exhibitors with tackle, clothing, accessories and various travel options.

In addition to the largest variety of brands and new products in the fly fishing industry, you can experience a comprehensive supporting programme that includes the following items:

  • Over 40 world-renowned fly tiers showcase their talents at the numerous tying benches
  • 12 world-renowned single- and double-handed caster demonstrate their techniques and casts at one of the two casting pools
  • 20 expert speakers provide information on travelling and fly fishing in general
  • Fly fishing for women with Ramona Hani from the Österreichische Fischereigesellschaft gegr.1880 e.V. with an extended programme... keyword Tenkara with Amanda Hoffner and Skagit with Silja Longhurst
  • Newcomer and beginner programme
  • Casting Clinic for one-handed and two-handed casting with Tom Brown and FFI instructors
  • Fly tying and casting for children and young people of all ages
  • Special exhibition on the history of splitcane bamboo fly rods by Philipp Sicher
  • The Atlantic Salmon Trust, based in Scotland, will be organising its own hall focusing on "Wild Salmon Without Borders", with many experts and organisations taking part. We can look forward to exciting activities, presentations and committed experts from the scene.

In addition to a variety of brands, advice, product presentations and innovations, the focus will also be on meeting internationally renowned personalities and experts from the fly fishing scene as well as exchanging ideas and enjoying a cosy get-together. We look forward to seeing you!






15 years of casting coordination at the EWF - Juergen Friesenhahn from Germany!               

Again and again, he inspires the audience at the casting pool and accompanies the many different demos - because the internationally renowned casting professionals come from all over the world to show the EWF visitors their casting tricks and techniques and to offer an entertaining show with lots of fun, joy and passion for the most beautiful hobby in the world - Jürgen is always the likeable and competent presenter and commentator at their side.
He also has no problem taking the mickey out of himself, making the audience laugh and seeing fly fishing as one of the most beautiful leisure activities in the world that shouldn't always be taken "quite so seriously".

Read more about Juergen ...


The 19th EWF has a mega-strong women's programme - Silja Longhurst, Certified Fly-Casting Instructor (FFI) from Germany, also offers a mini-workshop !               

Over the last two years, more and more women have approached us and asked specifically about skagit techniques. We have therefore managed to gain Silja to organise a mini-workshop for women on the subject of skagit on both Saturday and Sunday. If you are interested, please register at the women's stand in the foyer of the Tenne. The mini-workshop will take place on the 2nd casting basin.

Many thanks to Silja, we are already looking forward to it!

Read more about Silja ...

More about the women's programme ...



First time at the casting pool at the EWF - Daniele Di Fronzo from Switzerland!


Daniele, known as an inquisitive fly fisherman, is happy to support fly fishermen and those who want to become one as an instructor and guide in learning casting techniques and catching fish. At the casting pool, he will show us with his demo that you can optimise a lot with just small changes to your casting. It is always important to him to keep the fun and the passion.

Read more about Daniele ...


Leopold, the small brown trout, comes to the EWF 2024 !                                                  

A children's book - which is also for adults - will be presented for the first time: "Fly Fishing - Diary of a Brown Trout" by Thommy Mardo.
And for those who don't know yet: Leopold will also be visiting us at the EWF and transforming his stand on the upper floor of the Tenne into an underwater world. Thommy Mardo will be joined by Reinhard Wedemeyer, who will read Leopold's adventures to young and old.
We are very excited to see how Leopold imagines his underwater world at the EWF!

ATTENTION: Every visitor to the EWF who orders the book, enters the code "EWF2024" when ordering by 10 April and, of course, collects the book from Leopold at the stand will get the shipping costs waived - thanks Leopold, that's great!


Anders Ståhl from Sweden visits us again at the EWF 2024!                                                  

After Anders tied again at the EWF last year after a long time and his salmon flies always inspire us, he will also be tying at the 19th EWF. He enjoys giving fly tying courses, he is interested in substitutions and their use in salmon fly tying and he is an excellent teacher. Come and join him at the tying table on the stage in the Stadtsaal and look over the shoulder of this professional with more than 30 years of experience.

Read more about Anders ...


Die Patagonia Worn Wear Tour once again at the 19th EWF!

We are pleased to announce that the Patagonia Worn Wear Tour will again be at the EWF where you can find them in the courtyard of the Tenne.

The Patagonia repair team offers no-cost repair of clothing of any brand.

Repairs are on a “first-come, first-served” basis.

The Patagonia repair team will repair your GORE-TEX® products, defective zippers, tears, holes, buttons, and other damage. In addition, they will show you how you can make simple repairs to return your clothing to good condition. Waders, however, can unfortunately not be repaired on site.

Read more about the Patagonia Worn Wear Tour ...


Of course, the French will also be at the 19th EWF in April - Gérard Piquard from France!                                                  

Anyone who knows Gérard is familiar with his excellently tied nymphs, emergers and dry flies. His flies are little marvels and his particular speciality is tying Ornans flies, which are very popular for fishing in France. He is also always up for a little fun. He looks forward to welcoming you to the tying table and talking to you about fly fishing at his favourite destinations.

Read more about Gérard ...


An absolute luminary for single- and double-handed casting at the EWF - Klaus Frimor from Denmark!


Hardly anyone has as much expertise in single- and double-handed casting as Klaus. As THE Loop rod and line designer, he will once again be present at this year's EWF and will be on hand to provide visitors with expert tips and tricks - be it at the Loop stand on the upper floor of the Tenne or in the Loop casting area behind the Stadtsaal. As already announced, he will be coming with his loop team, the TwinPeake-twins and Blaine Lyon.

And if you want to find out more, you can meet Klaus on stage at the Salmon Symposium (more information coming soon), where experts will be discussing the topic of "Responsible Salmon Fishing".

We are delighted that Klaus will be with us again.

Read more about Klaus ...


An exceptional talent joins the EWF - Blaine Lyon from Scotland!


At just 18 years old, Blaine was a record 4-time champion and 6-time winner in various disciplines, including precision and long distance casting for trout, sea trout and salmon fishing. The young talent will give us an insight into his casting skills at the casting pool, especially his mastery of long distance casting techniques.

Read more about Blaine...


The women's programme will be even more strongly represented at the EWF - Eva Bellmann from Germany and Amanda Hoffner from the USA will join the women's programme!                                                      


Due to the high demand last year, we welcome a new fly fisher woman, Eva Bellmann, as a team colleague of Ramona Hani. Eva will be at the stand of the women's programme in the foyer of the Tenne for all questions and organisational matters.

Read more about Eva ...

For the first time this year, there will also be a special tenkara workshop for women. Amanda from Luang Tam's Tenkara Pro Team USA will tell the women about her passion and experience of tenkara fishing and demonstrate casting practices in a workshop. We are very much looking forward to her coming!

More about Amanda ...


More about the women's programme ...


Two ingenious salmon fly tyers are back at the EWF - one tying by hand, the other with a tying vice!

Thomas Knutsen from Norway and Sacha Pütz from Germany



We are honoured to have the Knutsen family travelling from Norway to be at the EWF for two days. Thomas will again be tying his fantastic classic patterns and can be visited side by side with Ken Middlemist in the Tenne!

Read more about Thomas...

Sacha will once again inspire the audience with his incredible salmon fly patterns. The fly tyer will also provide us with a fly for the EWF whisky this year - we are excited to see which whisky it will be this time ... and of course the matching salmon fly, tied by Sacha.

Read more about Sacha ....


This year both Alastair and William Peake are at the EWF - the TwinPeake Fly Fisher!

          Alastair Peake                                                            

After William's visit to the EWF last year, word of his enthusiasm has travelled as far as Aberdeenshire, and this year both twin brothers are coming. Alastair, a well-travelled fly fisherman, runs a fly fishing shop on the River Dee with his brother William and as the LOOP travel department, provides expert advice to clients on trip planning. This year Alastair will be showing us at the pool how important the bottom hand is when spey casting. We say "Welcome to TwinPeakes Fly Fishing"!

Read more about Alastair...


William at the casting pool





The first time at the EWF for tying flies - Franco Cicerone from Switzerland!


Franco has been tying for many years, gives courses, has taken part in the Fly Dressers' Guild award programme and has participated in the German Open Championship of Fly Tying and other championships several times. His flies are a real eye-catcher and are particularly suitable for alpine waters. Come to his tying bench in the Stadtsaal and have a look at the different patterns.

Read more about Franco ...


Dear fly fishermen and women - we are ready, the 19th EWF exhibitor list is online!




On board the 19th EWF on 13 and 14 April you will meet around 90 exhibitors including some new companies with their brands and products that make the EWF a shoppering paradise.
Travel organizers, lodges, and agents for fishing locations present their worldwide destinations and fishing opportunities for every season of the year.

The exhibitors and we look forward to your visit!


Our globetrotter returns and visits us at the 19th EWF - Martin Dvořák from Czech Republic!


Martin has been travelling the world for almost 1.5 years and has fallen in love with saltwater fishing! He will be coming to the EWF almost straight off the plane to talk about his countless experiences. In a presentation he will talk about fishing in Western Australia and also give us tips and tricks for saltwater fishing at the casting pool. We are delighted to have this very pleasant and talented friend with us.

This year we will be able to experience casting demos from two special talents from the Czech Republic - Katka and Martin!

Read more about Martin...



Luong Tam, the tenkara specialist from the USA returns to the EWF!


Last year, Luong Tam showed us what tenkara fishing is all about. He was very impressed by the EWF audience and the interest shown in him, so he will be back again this year in April 2024. In addition to demonstrations at the large casting pool, he will give a talk on the philosophy and special features of tenkara fishing. He will also be bringing along members of his team from the USA... We can't wait to see who it will be!


More about Luong Tam..


News about the Programme "Casting for Children and Teenager"!


We would like to introduce you to someone new or our casting programme: Adrian Hauser, passionate fly fisherman, great fly tyer and caster will coordinate the programme in the future. If you've already been to the EWF a few times, you've probably already met Adrian ... at his fly tying bench or casting somewhere on the grounds. A father of children himself, he is excited to take on this task in the future.

Read more about the Casting for Children and Teenager ...

And more about Adrian ...


World champion Katka Švagrová from the Czech Republic returns to the EWF!


After her first visit and the extremely positive response from EWF visitors, we are delighted that Katka will be making another stop at the EWF between her many trips. She will either inspire us again with a demo at the casting pool or tell us about her exciting fly fishing adventures from last year over a cup of coffee.

Read more about Katka...



Due to the enquiries we have received, we can inform you that there are still rooms available at the Landhotel Grätz in Emmering!

Dear fly fishermen and fly fisherwomen, if you are still looking for accommodation near the EWF (approx. 3 km) .... there are still rooms available at Landgasthof Grätz

Please send an email to   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


He is a real all-rounder! Whether casting or fly tying - talking to him is like opening and reading an encyclopaedia!


We are delighted that Peter Kunz from Switzerland is coming back to the EWF for fly tying. His lifelike replicas from the insect world are always a hit with EWF visitors. Visit him in the Tenne at his stand and chat to him about his more than 4 decades of experience in fly fishing - you'll get some great ideas and tipps.

Read more about Peter ...


Technically enthusiastic, a tinkerer like no other ... when György Kiss arrives with his phenomenal fly-tying machine, many eyes and mouths are left open!


György has thought through every detail to create a sensational fly tying machine for tiny flies. And should you ever meet him on the water, he will enthusiastically open the boot of his car and demonstrate a specially prepared procedure for using his fly tying vice to tie the right fly right for fishing the water.

Come to the stage in the Stadtsaal and see this marvel for yourself.

Read more about György ...


Fly tying and handmade hooks from Italy!


Meet Moreno Borriero, who has over 5 decades of experience in fly tying and rod making, and Cosimo Raia, who taught himself how to make salmon fly hooks with enthusiasm and perseverance, at the EWF.

Read more about Moreno ...

Read more about Cosimo ...


Dimitar Petrov, a young talent from Bulgaria, takes to the EWF stage!

Theo Atanassov brought Dimitar, a Bulgarian fly tyer, to the attention of the EWF organisers. We are delighted to have this young fly tyer at the EWF. Visit Dimitar on the stage in the Stadtsaal and welcome him personally.

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For the first time at the EWF casting pool - Malik Mazbouri, the TLT specialist from Switzerland!

SIM Switzerland will be attending the EWF again this year and with them Malik, who is also a trainer and instructor of the TLT style. We are looking forward to seeing Malik at the casting pool on Saturday and Sunday with his great demonstrations.

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She is with us again - Linda Bachand from the USA! 

We are looking forward to welcoming again Linda Bachand from the USA at the EWF. Visit her at her fly tying bench on the stage of the Stadtsaal and be inspired by her flies.

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Special Programme - our Popular Fly Tying and Fly Tying Competition for Children and Teenager at the EWF!


The EWF fly tying team around Lara Schreiber and Horst Burgstaller invite all young fly tyers to the children's and youth fly tying at the stand TOG 18-19 on the first floor of the Tenne.

Everyone is welcome - whether beginner or advanced.

All children and young people will be supported by experienced professional tyers who will be tying at the EWF.

The popular fly tying competition with many prices will also be held again... this time, young and old tiers can tie a "jungle-fly".

More about the programme you will find here...


He is a "must" at the EWF - Ken Middlemist from the UK is coming!

Ken Middlemist is one of the last living fly dressers (tyers) who learned and worked in the old Hardy company in Alnwick. Many know him from the film, “The Lost World of Mr. Hardy.” Ken will tie salmon flies in his hand (without a tying vise) and has many, many stories to share. He much prefers being called a “fly dresser” and not a “fly tyer.”

Ken is again very much looking forward to welcoming you at his tying bench on the first level of the Tenne.

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Comprehensive Programme for Beginners and Novices again at the EWF!


The numbers of fishermen increased in the last two or three years, and the interest in fly fishing has also grown. That is why it is important to offer again a comprehensive beginners' and novices' programme at this year's EWF.

This is the ideal opportunity to find out everything about fly fishing, fly tying, tackle, technique and one or two valuable tips for getting started in the most beautiful hobby in the world.

Visit Hans Eiber and Rainer Roth in the foyer of the Tenne at their stand. Both have been fly fishing specialists and advisors for decades.

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Fully booked!

The double-handed course is already fully booked.

the Highlight after the 2024 EWF


Directly after the EWF 2024, the annual double-handed course will take place for the 16th time.

This year, the course will once again take place with the two instructors Paddy McDonnell from Ireland and Tom Brown from Scotland!

Date: Monday, 15 April and Tuesday, 16 April 2024

More information about the Double-Handed Course...

If you unfortunately could not get a place on the course but would like to take part, we will be happy to put you on the waiting list.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the club "Die Isarfischer e.V." as we are allowed to conduct the course at their part of the river Isar


17th Open German Fly Tying Championship

After the great success of the last sixteen Championships, the 17th Open German Fly Tying Championship will take place at the 2024 EWF. Read more ...

Get an impression of our image film and let yourself be inspired.

Film by Rudy van Duijnhoven


Dear fly fishermen and fly fisherwomen, a wonderful children's book has just been published that is also something for us adults!

Leopold, the brown trout, tells many experiences in his diary and describes his view of fly fishing. The wonderful stories are accompanied by marvellous, hand-painted illustrations. You can sponsor these marvellous illustrations to support the project.

You can find more information here:  Leopold - Diary of a brown trout 

And for those who don't know yet, Leopold, the brown trout, will be visiting us at the EWF in April together with the author, Thommy Mardo! We look forward to your participation.


For the first time at the EWF - Svenja Bossen from Germany!

Another fly tyer woman takes to the stage. This time it's Svenja Bossen, our pleasant sea trout fly tyer from the far north of Germany.. We are excited and look forward to having her with us! ... more about Svenja


We are looking forward to a great and exciting EWF - We are fully booked to the last stand!

2018 IMG 6316 klein


With around 100 exhibitors, we have a huge variety of different brands.
We look forward to your visit at the EWF in Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich on 13 and 14 April!


One of the best returns to the EWF 2024! Lasse Karlsson from Denmark

2018 IMG 6316 klein

Visit Lasse at the casting pool - his informative and entertaining casting demonstrations invite you to linger!

We are very much looking forward to his visit... more about Lasse.


Roman Moser from Austria will be back at the EWF 2024 after 6 years!

2018 IMG 6316 klein

After six years, Roman will be visiting us again at the EWF, showing us one or other tying tricks and tying his streamer. This time he will be giving a lecture on river structures.

We are very happy about his participation  ... more about Roman.


You can download the new EWF Leaflet at DIN A5 size!
- We look forward to your visit at the EWF -

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Flyer English EWF 2024

Flyer German EWF 2024


Winners of the 16th German Open Fly-Tying Championship 2023! Congratulations!



Category: Dry Fly

1st Place - Michal Wierzbicki - Poland  |  2nd Place - Franco Cicerone - Switzerland| 3rd  Place - Christian Kölle - Germany

Category: Streamer

1st Place - Jürgen Bartsch - Germany|  2nd Place - Arnold Gufler - Italy3rd Place - Danny Norgall - Germany

Category: Realistic Fly

1st Place - Regine Maguhna - Germany| 2nd Place - Michal Wierzbicki - Poland | 3rd Place - Manuel Chapa Martin - Spain

Many thanks to the jury  and the coordinators as well as Ahrex and the EWF for the Sponsoring!



Read more about the winners and their flies...