Also without a casting pool, you will encounter many internationally known casters at the 16th EWF on the 23rd and 24th of October 2021.

Dear fly fisherwomen and fly fishermen write them an email in advance or arrange an appointment with them directly at the Autumn-EWF, in order to try and test fishing equipment and to get individual tips and tricks.

You will meet, amongst others, Ian Gordon from Scotland (since 6 years once again at the EWF) and Glenda Powell from Ireland at their stands, Himmi Jonsson from Iceland at the EWF info desk, Jan Kubala from Austria and Pino Messina from Italy at the Hurch FlyFishing/ Vision stand, Christopher Rownes from Switzerland/UK at the Guideline stand, Hans Eiber from Germany with the fly tiers, Rudy van Duijnhoven from the Netherlands at his fly tying bench or as photographer out and about, Thibaud Giband from France at the Angel Bär/ FlyFish Europe AS/ Scott stand and more others will be announced shortly.

Get in touch with us if you do not have the contact details for an early appointment arrangement at the 16th EWF with one of the casting experts – it will follow the “first come, first serve” principle.


Glenda Powell - Ireland
at her stand
  Hans Eiber - Germany
at the beginners stand
  Ian Gordon - Scotland
at his stand
  Christopher Rownes -
UK-Switzerland at the Guideline stand
Himmi Jonsson - Iceland
at the EWF-Infodesk
  Jan Kubala - Austria
at the Hurch/ Vision stand
  Rudy van Duijnhoven - Netherlands
at his fly tying bench
  Thibaud Giband - France
at the Angel-Bär/ Flyfish Europe AS stand
Peter Ebert - Germany
at the Orvis stand
  Markus Müller - Germany
at the Zefix Flyfishing/ Loop stand
  Arnold Gulfer - Italy
at the Fly Fishing in
South Tyrol / Go-Fish stand