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Piero Sistino


Piero Sistino ties flies in hand without using a vise and tools.

He has had his passion for fly fishing since the age of 12; he started with three wet flies tied with a wool body and a partridge coil. The beauty of plumage and silk led him to become passionate about the construction of lures in 360 degrees, to the point of deepening his study of the classic salmon flies tied in the Victorian era without a tying vise and spool in hand (Blacker, Tolfrey, Francis Francis, Kelson, Hale, Tannatt...).

Since 2018, Piero is the owner of Kopter Flies, a company offering high quality fly tying tools "Made in Italy". He participates in the most important international fairs and events in the sector (IFTS, IFFS, ASFI, BFFI, SIM FF, EWF ...), where he combines the passion for design with the presentation of his excellent products. In June 2022 Piero was elected as the best Italian fly tyer of the year 2022.

Visit him at the first floor of the Tenne to enjoy the art of old flies and, why not, to test Kopter Flies' products.