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Igor und Nadica Stancev

If I was alone, this success would never be possible (Igor)


In case you need our data, web and address:

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Partizanski Odredi 72 A/ 76,
1000 Skopje, Macedonia
Tel/Fax: +389 2 3074 765


Nadica and Igor Stancev, live in Skopje( Macedonia), and work as professional fly tyers since 1991.They have won 43 prizes at international fly tying competitions in Norway, Slovenia, Germany, Ireland. Own fly patterns are published in 9 books where we participate.

They also write for fly tying magazines in Slovenia, Norway, England, Sweden, Finland, Italy, USA; participate regularly at international fly tying shows world wide, their passion is macrophotography…

Their flies are distributed  all over Europe. Soon will be published their rich ilustrated book of entomology and imitations, which will encircle 17 years professional work in fly tying.

Igor Stancew: As most of the kids I was amazed of the insects and fish from my early age . Most of my summer holydays I had chance to spend at my grandparents house in the mountains  where clear mountain river , rich with wild brown trouts flows near the house. I was collecting nymphs and larva under the stones with wish to keep them alive at home. Soon I have tried fishing with flies which I both from shop, with many trouts on the hook but just few of them landed, no matter, in child’s eyes it is big excitement.

My first flies (I keep them yet) were tied just by my hands, without tools, at age of 12. That was almost 30 years ago, when only source for feathers for me was zoo garden and pillows at my home, of course when my parents were at work. Than I couldn’t find books about fly tying, so mostly I was trying to imitate existing patterns. 

During high school and studies of electrical engineering, my hobby “fly tying” become more and more serious, finally became passion.

Moments of great summer joy near the river were mixed with filings “what am I doing here with trouts, when I need girls copmany”, but most of the girls were not interested for nature as I am.

Forunately I was lucky, I have meet Nadica in 1991 and we discovered that both of us love the nature.

I have been ordering some books for fly tying, in which were explained classic fly patterns , but mostly it was not what we wanted. Our goal was closer imitation of the naturals. Fact that we were isolated, helped us a lot to develop our own fly patterns, with our own techniques and materials.. and by the recipe: “what’s new it’s interesting”, we have sent first time fly patterns to participate at competition in Slovenia 1997.

Than Nadica took 3rd place with her Translucent Shrimp (Gamarus).After this, next 4 years (1998-2001) we were absolute winners on Slovenian Open international competition. In 2001 we participated in all 4 categories,  and won all 4 fist places.

Same happened in Germany 2000 year, 3 possible categories- 3 first places-greatest joy and honor Mr.Oliver Edwars was member of that Jury , next year 2001 we won 2 first and 2 second- connected .Also Nadica won bunch (4 exactly) Gold medals at Mustad Scandinavian open in Norway, than Ireland Fly tying Open…. Most of this competition patterns were something new and interesting for the magazines ….than we were invited to be part of the jury of World Tuscany Open 2005, competition organized by Italians, it was great honor for us to be part of that jury with some world famous names.

Soon, we had different offers to publish our fly patterns in fly fisherman’s books abroad.

We are participating with many other tiers in 2 books in France, prepared by writer Nicolas Ragoneau, on his second book he put our flies on the cover page, great honor for us. Another 3 books where we participate are published in Norway, 1 in USA , 1 in UK and 2 in Italy, soon goes 1 in Holland.

Last few years Nadica and me, intense our work, on publishing of our book, where most important part would be fishing realism, supported with beautiful photos of water insects in all stages of  development and transforming, rarely shown phases of emergers etc. As “art”addition we’ll show our competition winners, in some of them, specially superealistic patterns are built in unique solutions and  months of developing.

After our success on the international fly tying competitons, we have invitations to present our tying techniques world wide. We were in Slovenia 1995-2001, Norway 98, 99, Germany 2000-2003, USA 2002, Holland 2002, Finland 2004, Italy 2005, 2007,  France 2000-2007, Sweden 2007….and in most cases, during this visits, we use the chance to try some of our flies on rivers or the seecoast in some of this countries.

Our favourite places for fly fishing.
Closest to our home, 8 miles, is river Treska (word which means fever- so cold) there are brown trouts and some chub (Cephalius Cephalius-nice white fish with big mouth) in down part. The river is rich with water insects, many different species; this is very useful as our source for macrophotographing. Because it is close to the city, mostly you can not be alone.

Another is Radika River, 60 miles from Skopje, it flows in west part of Macedonia and it is real beauty, many tributes all rich with wild brown trouts. The size of the fish is mostly 20-30 cm but sometimes goes to 2-3 kg one piece, because there are a lot of big stones and rocks, good shelters for experienced fish. When we have guests, friends fly fisherman from abroad we bring them there, so they remember Macedonia in good light.

Another river is Kadina 15 miles from our home but dirt road and difficult to get there, only with jeep. The region is wild, deep valeys, dens forest, trout are very careful, they are not use to human’s presence, only brave (crazy) hunters go there.

But my most favorite is “my river”, near the home of grandparents, there we can fish a week without seenig one single flyfisherman. Some parts of the water are covered with spider web, prove that no body disturbs the fish, which are very suspicious, and we have to be “invisible” when aproach to the water.

I have never dreamed that fly tying will allow us meeting with so many kind and friendly people arround the world. After each trip we have great impressions. We are grateful and we hope we’ll have chance to show (to some of you?) you few of best flyfishing spots in Macedonia.


Nadica Stanceva is graduated economist and professional tyer, photographer and author.

She lives with her husband in Skopje( Macedonia), where both work as professional fly tyers.They have won 43 prizes at major international fly tying competitions in Norway, Slovenia, Germany , Ireland.

They also write for fly tying magazines in Slovenia, Norway, England, Finland, Sweden, Italy, USA; participate regularly at international fly tying shows world wide, their passion is macrophotography…

Little girl was standing in front of the aquarium watching the big carps breathing. She is fascinated by their smooth movement and shiny-gold armor of skales ( “ plates on the fish skin”)

About same age, during summer holydays she was playing with hours collecting winged ants just before their marital flight  and with tiny stick in her childish hand she wanted to discover how deep reach the coridors in the ground and where are hidden the little larva, carefully protected by soldier ants.

Years later her talent  for art, painting and designing clothes was very successfully transferred in to fly tying. Prove fot this is significant nomber of gold medals and top prizes won at different competitions.        Her inovativity and detailed tying style is  recognized by different international jurys.With her “Mathing Danica” she won 1st place at all competition where have participated (Norway twice, Slovenia, Germany). This peace of art takes after months of developing and improvements, about 30 working hours.

Nadica’s fly patterns are published in 9 books worldwide.

Her words are: “ with all the resepect for the classic flies, but one day I will tie my own flies” and she does it very successfly .

Her most important inspiration is nature. With careful observing of natural insects and their development stages, she creates unbelievable flies (fabulous)- very fishy (fishable) but not difficult to tie. Sometimes people comment :”But this fly is too beautiful and it is pity to use it for fishing,

Nadica says: “ Fishing realism is my goal, to tie fly for short time, but still with enough deatails. All the limits in development are moved furter , why not in fly tying.”

She also says:”My aproach to realism, supported (based on) with macro photography, specially tying superrealism for fly tying competitions helped me a lot in developing of my own style and patterns. During last 17 years of profesional tying I have found some of "must" flies, used on many different waters and conditions.

Last few years Nadica and her husband, intense their work , on publishing of  book, where most important part would be fishing realism, supported with macro photos of water insects in all stages of  development and transforming, rarely shown stages of emergers etc. As “art” addition we’ll show our competition winners, in some of them, specially superealistic patterns in which  are built in unique solutions and  months of developing.

Today Nadica lives as professional fly tyer and tying instructor , her macro photos and aritcles are regulary published in most prestigeous magazines in Europe and  US.

She is again part of the jury at World Tuscany Open, big international fly tying competition in Italy.