Special Exhibition - Ethics in Angling

  The Special Exhibit for the 14th EWF in 2019 presents the ethics in angling and can be seen in the Foyer of the Tenne.

The Austrian Angling Society (founded 1880) presents, together with Dr. Heinz Heistinger:

The Future of Sport Fishing Lies in Our Hands

Club representatives alone do not decide about the future of angling. Rather, the cultural consensus about the future role of humans in nature will determine our relationship to wildlife in relevant future laws.

Angling will not remain unaffected by this cultural development. It is necessary to publicly show, in a timely fashion, how the nature-related character of the recreational activity “sport fishing” enriches the lives of social groups who are otherwise perhaps not close to nature. This provides additional arguments for the general effort to avoid damaging remaining waters.

We are successful in caring for our waters. Nature thanks us, where the ecosystem is in order, with a natural and species-rich population of aquatic organisms. In our groups, we wish to reduce catch envy, pursuit of record catches, and careless handling of fish.


In his presentation, Dr. Heinz Heistinger, veterinarian and angler since childhood, covers “Ethics in Sport Fishing.”

He will present to his audience valid arguments which can be used in discussions and which appear to be worthwhile for safeguarding sport fishing for our children.

The statutes of the angling clubs do not contain “construction of waters,” but their protection and not “exploitation of the fish population,” but its sustainable use.

A position for us to demonstrate and which hinders short-term profit motives.


Dr. Heinz Heistinger has been fishing since his early youth. When he was a junior member of the ÖFG 1880, he was already able to learn about and fish in a variety of waters. His great preference is fly fishing, also for non-salmonids. During his education in veterinary medicine, he dedicated himself increasingly to health matters of fish and other aquatic organisms.

As part of his practice for domestic animals, he has advised, for more than 20 years, many Austrian fish breeders and works as a legally recognized and certified specialist for fish and and shellfish. In addition to the diagnosis of fish illnesses and their avoidance, the well-being and ethical treatment of animals have become increasingly the focus of his work.