Ladies' Programme

Listen up Ladies!
Glenda Powell has come up with the idea of having 3 sessions for casting for the ladies each day - for registration please come to her stand in the foyer of the Tenne!

Session 1: Fly Casting for Beginner Ladies. This hour session is for ladies who have not tried fly casting before and would like to give it a go. Also for ladies who would call themselves beginners.

Session 2: Fly Casting for Ladies with Casting Experience. This hour session is a more advanced class and will go beyond the basics. This hour will include casts like Double Hauling, Shooting Line, Gaining distance and fault spotting and correcting.

Session 3: Fly Casting for Ladies interested in the Double Handed Rod. This hour is for all ladies, beginners or experienced who would like to improve their casting with Double Handed Rod or give it a go.



As in prior years, the 2019 EWF will have a special offering for women who are interested in fly fishing or who wish to expand their present abilities!!


Glenda Powell, the renowned casting instructor and author from Ireland, will be introducing the ladies' programme. She will also be holding casting demonstrations specifically for women. Glenda will be available to answer any questions about fly-fishing for women. Her daughter, Anna, and a surprise guest will also provide assistance and advice for Glenda.

We wish to thank all who have pitched in to help.


Just like last year! Fun Female Fly Casting Competition!!

Calling all non-professional fly fishing ladies, to enter the 3 minute cast to hoop competition.
The 3 ladies who score the most hits to the hoops in 3 minutes win prizes.
When: Saturday and Sunday 2 pm.
Where: Casting area at the Courtyard of the Tenne/Stadtsaal
Glenda will be delighted to welcome many ladies who have fun to join this funny competition at the Casting area.

More information about Glenda you can find here.