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Baldur Hermannsson


Baldur started fishing for trout, char, and salmon with his father around 1993.

He started like many using spinners and worms as a bait. Around 1995 he started flyfishing and got his first flytying kit around 1998.

Baldur used to tye all kinds of trout and salmon flies. Then he started to try out different things and test while his fishing partners had action with the traditional flies. In the summer of 2003, Baldurs’ younger brother nicknamed Friggi, tested one of his prototypes with exellent result. Friggi fly-tube was then born. Sadly his brother passed away in 2005. It made Baldur more passionate in developing and marketing the fly-tube Friggi.

The Friggi fly has been a strong fly in Iceland and had good results in Scotland, Norway, and Russia in the last years.