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Art Merk


I began making leather accessories for fly fishing in 2015. Starting with experiments with leather and making accessories for myself, I learned techniques and various methods of leather craftsmanship and art. Step by step, I improved my techniques and found my own approach which became a basis for the design of my leather accessories. I constantly produce new designs and new series of fly fishing accessories in order to fulfill the needs of anglers.


My fly fishing accessories are made by hand, using genuine leather, quality materials, creativity, skills, and passion. My aim is to apply art to provide the highest emotional value of fly fishing accessories.

On first seeing a fish in a stream, fly fishing became my dream and, after achieving that dream, my interest kept expanding.

Fly fishing became as an escape island, where you have your own world, as a guest of nature. Fly fishing became a place of rest, creation, and inspiration. I knew that I had to take part in it, to contribute, and express myself in some way.

After researching a variety of materials, arts, and styles I found leather to be an interesting material, friendly for art and painting. At the same time, I was fascinated by its durability and heavy duty characteristics. When properly worked, it not only lasts for years, but ages beautifully.

Fly fishing as a connection to nature has taught me that every single detail can find its place, be beautiful, interesting, and distinct. It inspired me to create a line of leather accessories which are not only artistic, but, with daily use, deliver maximum emotional value.

At the EWF I will show the artwork I create from leather: fly wallets, hip flasks, thermos flasks, reel cases, and other items. Furthermore, I will show and explain the different production/working steps of my work. You will find me in the Stadtsaal and I look forward to many visitors.

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