EWF 2018

13th EWF 2018 - Once again an amazing event...

It’s almost phenomenal what happens on an April weekend every year in Fürstenfeldbruck in the Munich area. Like throwing a switch, a real rally develops. People from many countries in Europe and the world as well as from all corners of Germany come together to be part of a large community. It is almost like a mayfly hatch, brief, intensive, and passionate! And this gathering does have something to do with passion. Everybody who comes for a weekend in the former monastery’s Event Forum has something in common: a terrific passion for one of the best hobbies you can imagine – fly fishing.

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It was again time on 14 and 15 April. The organizing team, after intense and careful preparation, invited participation in the 13th Experience the World of Flyfishing – also known as the EWF – in Fürstenfeldbruck. Thirteen is an unlucky number in many cultures. There are airlines without row 13 seats, hotels without a 13th floor or room number, or sporting events without starting number 13. So, was the name on this weekend ominous?

On the contrary, we can look back on a very successful, enormously popular event for the organizers, exhibitors, participants, and visitors. The satisfied and happy expressions of the approximately 3500 visitors showed that, again in 2018, success was achieved in putting together an interesting program package. Confirmation came from the positive resonance of the 115 exhibitors, all of whom found the show to be a great success.

Fifteen well-known casters from 11 countries demonstrated their art at the large casting pool and no less than 40 fly tyers from around the world showed how to tie flies, some of which could be considered works of art, using feathers, fur, and man-made materials.

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Additional offerings for any interest were extensive, from rod making (which could be followed live) to production of a knotted leader. More than 1000 visitors attended, engrossed, the numerous presentations and talks. Gerd-Peter Wieditz was able to enjoy very great interest in the treasures of his collection of fly-fishing equipment and literature which he exhibited together with material loaned by Bernd E. Ergert, the former Director of the Munich Hunting and Fishing Museum. His tying of historical patterns with old materials attracted great attention – a truly interesting journey into the early history of the crowning discipline of the sport of angling!

Not to be overlooked was the 11th Open German Fly Tying Championship which, once again, generated great attention. 127 entries from 12 countries found their way to the judges. The organizers were very pleased by the enthusiastic participation in the program for children and youth. Most fortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any lack of youthful interest in fly fishing.

For a long time, the EWF has earned an “upgrade” to be the International Experience the World of Flyfishing, for the 2018 participants and exhibitors came from no less than 29 countries. That shows strongly that this is one of the most important shows in Europe for fly fishing.

If you were’t able to attend, mark your calendar for the weekend of 6 and 7 April 2019 when the 14th edition of the Experience the World of Flyfishing opens its doors. The organizing team thanks all participants and visitors from near and far for a successful “happening” and looks forward to seeing everybody again next year.

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Text by Detlef Henkes
Photos by Antje Eilhardt and Wolfgang Ackermann