EWF 2017

12th EWF 2017 - An amazing EWF weekend...


      2017 04 02 Stoeger4


“The time was so good, so very good......” sang Freddy Quinn in an old, German pop song. Now it is already behind us, the 12th “Experience the World of Flyfishing” (the EWF for short). The song gets it right: a wonderful “happening” with abundant visitors and many participants from near and far – from Germany and many other countries. The time passed much too fast!

No limits, no boundaries! That could be the most appropriate description of this year’s EWF. 


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On the first weekend in April, 3,800 visitors had the opportunity to look over the shoulders of more than 34 fly tyers from 14 countries and 13 casters from 12 countries. Especially impressive was Martin Clemm (www.30reasonsmovie.com) who showed, with great vitality, that there are hardly national or physical limits or boundaries when one has devoted oneself completely to this hobby.

Numerous presentations, as in each year, filled out the varied and colorful program. An additional highlight was the 10th Open German Fly Tying Championship.

The organizing team thanks all participants and visitors from near and far for a successful “happening.”  We are all looking forward to the 13th Experience the World of Flyfishing on 14 and 15 April 2018. Until then, we wish all of you tight lines, a great 2017 fishing season, and hope, of course, that we will see you next year.

Many thanks to Detlef Henkes for the text and to Josef Stöger for the pictures!


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