EWF 2011

The success story of the idea behind the Experience the World of Flyfishing continues.

Visitors from many countries, the 2011 EWF, on the weekend of the 9th and 10th of April, achieved a record level of attendance. The spirit and feeling in the Event Forum Fürstenfeld were extraordinary.


A crowd of visitors waiting for the opening on Saturday.

Most sought were the casting demonstrations, which allowed the casters to demonstrate their world class skills at optimal conditions.


12 of the best casters in the world demonstrated casting to audiences exceeding 300 in number.


The casting show of Steve Rajeff.

The best fly tyers showed their abilities in competition as well as at demonstrations of their skills.


1200 people attended the talks.


Remark: The EWF team is in the process of preparing foto and film material for a comprehensive retrospective of the EWF on our homepage. Please visit our site again and check for updates.

Best regards, your Experience the World of Fly Fishing team.


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