Fly Tying Clinic

Attention all fly tyers - new at the EWF - The Fly Tying Clinic with Chris Reeves, Caroline Emmet, and Peter Gathercole from the UK.



If you are having trouble with tying steps or working methods, with the use of particular materials or the use of various tools and equipment, or if you feel you have reached your tying limits, Chris, Peter, and Caroline are the people to help you.

We have set up several tying stations for you where you can work on your fly tying problems together with these three from England.

They will look at problem solving in general in the areas of Tails, Bodies, Wings, Hackles and Dubbing. They will concentrate on trout flies but also the simpler Salmon patterns.

In addition Peter will demonstrate and offer advice on wings made with feather slips for both wet and dry flies and Chris will do demonstrations on parachute hackles and wing posts and both will demonstrate those during any quiet periods.

What the three request:
We would also like people to bring in their own flies that they struggle to tie, so that we can examine them and offer constructive criticism.

Chris Reeves, Caroline Emmet, and Peter Gathercole represent decades of fly tying experience at a single table. Chris and Peter have tied flies at all large shows around the world. In addition, Peter Gathercole has, as author or co-author, written and/or contributed to about 32 books. If you have any of his books in your fly fishing library, bring them for him to sign.

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Chris Reeves    Caroline Emmet   Peter Gathercole
Thanks to Chris, Caroline and Peter for the pictures