EWF Whisky


EWF Whisky “Special Edition of the 15th EWF, 2020"!
- Guarantee yourself something very extraordinary! -


Dear friends of the EWF and of fine taste,

Again this year, a limited edition of EWF whisky was to be offered on the occasion of the Experience the World of Flyfishing -- but, as you all know, the 15th Experience the World of Flyfishing, 2020 was unfortunately cancelled because of the corona virus situation!

As a result of continuing inquiries from connoiseurs, collectors, and friends of the EWF, we have decided to turn the Limited Edition of the EWF Whisky into a Special Edition of the EWF Whisky for the 15th Experience the World of Flyfishing which never took place.Liebe Freunde der EWF.


The traditional whisky for the 2020 Experience the World of Flyfishing is a Speyside single malt from the Mortlach Distillery. It’s 12 years old, not cold filtered or colored, and 92 proof (46% alcohol). It pleases the palate with some sweetness, hints of vanilla and malt, and, in general, is very round, balanced, and mild, although intensive in flavor.

The fly for Whisky No. 12 is the Grey Heron tied this year by Philipp Goralski and is one of the oldest and most successful Spey flies. Among the best known Spey flies (Lady Caroline, Black Heron, etc.), this fly has the most salmon on its “conscience” and has been used since about 1850.


Those who wish to have this unique and unusual rarity and special delight can obtain, from us, the limited Special Edition for the 15th EWF - the whisky for an event that never took place.
The price is € 79.90 including shipping within Germany (plus € 8.50 for shipping to other EU countries).

Order by email: info (at) e-w-f.com

A bottle that should be saved because it is so special, but that is almost too good for that.
We look forward to seeing you at the 2021 EWF.