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Regine Maguhna

From the beautiful city of Oldenburg in Lower Saxony, where I was born in 1953. I have been passionate about fly tying for 11 years now and have been running the Fliegenbindewerkstatt Regine Maguhna since 2018, offering fly tying courses both online and in my own home, selling self-tied flies and fly tying materials.
I have taught myself fly tying step by step, learning by doing, and now sit at the tying table almost every day. I have successfully participated in various international fly tying championships and consider myself lucky to have contributed to Tony Lolli’s book “The Fly Tyer’s Art” with realistically tied flies. For some years now, I have been part of the “big family” EWF, where I am represented both as a fly tyer and as an exhibitor with my very good friend Rudolf Wiestermayer.