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Regine Maguhna


Since 2008, I have lived in the lovely city of Oldenburg where I was born in 1953. There I passed my fly fishing examination in 2009 although I had passed the actual fishing examination in 2008.

I began tying flies in November 2010 without knowing how that art piece, called a fly, was produced. Inexperienced as I was in the beginning, I found help on the internet as well as by visiting a number of fly tying shows. So I taught myself fly tying step by step using the learn-by-doing method.


Beginning in 2011, I have entered flies in the Open German Fly tying championship to get feedback on my rough initial attempts at fly tying. Each year I have placed higher with my submitted flies and the same has been true for the Slovenian fly tying championship which I have entered since 2014.

My first small public appearances began in November 2014 and, in 2015 together with my friend Gerhard Grünholz, I started an annual show called “Fascination Fly Tying” where I, together with other known-to-the-public fly tyers, teach fly tying to friends.