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Frank Attig


Frank Attig together with Gerd-Peter Wieditz testing reels.

Frank Attig, a passionate reel builder with a spark of inventiveness.

In a professional life shaped by over 40 years of mechanical work, Frank Attig developed many passions. Since fly fishing also found its place here, Frank one day had the idea of building a fly reel himself.
The idea, combined with a lot of inventive and innovative spirit, culminated in a self-devised brake system and a gear that could be switched on and off.



During this time and for many years, he was on the move in the Salzburg fly fishing scene and was also allowed to get to know many fly fishers. One of them was the well-known journalist Wolfgang Hauer, who often wrote reports and articles for the magazine Fliegenfischen. And so it happened that Wolfgang Hauer wrote an article about Frank and his reels at the end of the 90s, which appeared in the magazine Fliegenfischen. Furthermore, Frank's reels were also shown on the cover pages of the magazine Fliegenfischen. This led to the Attig reels becoming known to a small group of fly fishermen.

He never produced a fixed number of reels, but only individual pieces on special request.


Now Frank Attig has been retired for 13 years, does sport regularly and keeps himself busy with the best things in his life, historic motor sport and, last but not least, fly fishing.

If you ask him what he prefers, Frank answers:
"What I prefer to do, I don't really know. I still have time to find out.
Greetings Frank, the one who fishes with the fly."