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Peter Gathercole

peter gathercole     I began tying flies at the age of 13 and started tying professionally when I was 14 years old. I wrote my first fly tying column in the UK Angling magazine in 1977 when I was 17. I have written for a variety of magazines throughout the world from Modern fishing in Australia to Connaisance de la Peche and Plaisirs de la Peche in France, Blinker and Fliegenfischen in Germany and Pescare in Italy. For the past thirty years I have written regularly on fly-tying and fly fishing in both Trout Fisherman and Trout and Salmon magazines both of which are UK publications. I am also currently chairman of the Fly Dressers Guild in the UK.

I have fished in many parts of the world from the USA to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Cuba and Kenya, along with many European and Scandinavian countries including Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

I have written, edited and published a number of books on fishing and fly-tying. The fly tying books include: The Handbook of Fly Tying, the Fly Tyer’s Bible and Fly-tying for Beginners all of which have been published in the USA, Europe and Australia.

I have fished for a wide variety of species in both fresh and saltwater from bonefish and tarpon to barramundi, tuna and sailfish. I regularly fish for trout, grayling and both Pacific and Atlantic salmon and whenever I get the chance steelhead, which is my favourite freshwater species. Although I am able to tie almost every type of artificial fly I particularly enjoy tying imitative, but not true-to-life trout flies. 

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