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Peter Reiner


Hello all, my name is Peter Reiner, I was born in 1965, and live in Unterallgäu, Bavaria. As a small child, I was already fascinated by water and everything in it that moved. Our village creek was my Playstation!

The owner at that time turned a blind eye to us young boys hand catching bullheads and loaches.

At age 12, I applied for a junior license and joined a fishing club and I spent all of my free time on the water. At age 14, I passed the angling test and was finally able to be on the water without the company of an adult.

Fishing was on hold during my professional training and the subsequent military service only to flourish afterwards.

My girlfriend (now my wife) surprised me on my birthday with a voucher for a fly fishing course and that’s how I became a fly fisher. I began fly tying in the same year and the reason was primarily pragmatic. The nymphs I could buy were not heavy enough to reach the necessary depth. Thereafter, the feeding habits of trout and grayling interested me even more.


Sometime in the middle 1990s, the Oliver Edwards book came on the market and was a revelation for me. He described the most important insects and how to tie them. I tried as hard as possible to copy his flies and often through the entire night. There were always phases in which frustration made me want to give up. Often that was simply that I did not have the right materials. Well, that was long before YouTube, the internet, and one-click ordering.

Naturally I visited trade shows and exhibitions where I became personally acquainted with famous fly tyers and could pick up valuable tips. Today I tie my flies with all possible materials, from classical deer hair to modern synthetic body quill. I enjoy tying dry flies, emergers, and, especially, nymphs which can certainly end up quite realistic.

It’s a great honor for me to be a fly tyer at the 2021 EWF. I look forward to seeing you!