2nd German Open Fly-Tying Championship 2009

The German Winner of the Championship in Fly-Tying, Congratulation!


Classical Salmon Fly         Dry Fly 
1. Place Hartmut Duchrow         1. Place Georg Christel
2. Place Jörg Bressin         2. Place Wolfgang Ackermann
3. Place Peter Klemisch         3. Place Jens Kilian
Streamer         Nymph
1. Place Hardy Benthin         1. Place Georg Christel
2. Place Alfons Schefhold         2. Place Waldemar Nowak
3. Place Holger Herold         3. Place Jens Kilian
Realistic Nymph            
1. Place Georg Christel            
2. Place Hartmut Glowa            
3. Place Adrian Hauser            

The Winner of the Open Fly-Tying Championship: for place 1 -10click on the following link.

EWF 2009 (Experience the World of Fly Fishing)    
Gerd-Peter Wieditz

Idea and Concept
Gerd-Peter Wieditz

Gerd-Peter Wieditz supported by Jörg Schuft

Important changes
  • No separation into amateur and professional fly-tiers
  • Every participant has to transfer €5.00 (please find account information below). This money will be used to cover arising postal charges (i.e. sending out prizes, certificates).
  • Classes:
    • Salmon Fly category: In order to be included in the competition, every participant in this category has to submit two flies (Classic AND Hairwing on Hayabusa 771- #2/0).
    • Dry Fly category: In order to be included in the competition, every participant in this category has to submit two flies (One Adams – following Orvis’ Fly pattern using a Hayabusa #10 – FLY 372 AND one fly featuring your own pattern).
    If, for some reason, only one fly is submitted in the above-mentioned categories, these flies will NOT be included in the competition

The Open Fly-Tying Championship 2009 will be held as an open event, inviting fly-tiers from around the world. However, non-German citizens are able to win the overall event, but will not be eligible to claim the National champion title. Excluded from the participation are only members of the jury and officially invited fly-tiers. Please take note of the above-mentioned changes in the Salmon AND Dry Fly categories.

Only flies tied using Hayabusa hooks in the specified sizes will be acknowledged; flies that do not confirm with the above mentioned specifications will be disqualified. If, for some reason, we should receive less than 10 flies in the Salmon category, no judgment will occur.

The following classes are permitted

1. Classical Salmon Fly
Green Highlander according to Makael Frödin’s “Classical Salmon Flies” 
Hook to be used:  Hayabusa 771 - #2/0

1a. Hairwing
Green Highlander. Hook to be used: Hayabusa 771 - #2/0

2. Dry Fly
Adams according to Orvis Fly Pattern Index. Hook to be used: Hayabusa #10 – FLY 372
For more information, please click on the following link

3. Streamer

4. Nymph

5.  Realistic Nymph

Participants can submit ONE fly each in category 3, 4 and 5, however, participants must submit TWO flies each in category 1 and 2.

The top German finishers will receive a medal, a certificate and will be published in the magazine “FliegenFischen”. International competitors will also receive prices. 

Participants are asked to send each fly separately. If a participant sends in several flies, you can use one box, but keep the flies separate within it. Each fly needs to be submitted including a detailed description of you’re the fly-tying technique and used materials. 

Jury members

The evaluation of the flies will take place at the EWF 2009.
We are very pleased that we can present:

  • Roman Moser - Austria
  • Ben Weytjens - Belgium
  • Igor Stancev - Macedonia
  • Tommy Olinsson - Denmark


After the evaluation, every participant will receive a promotional package of Hayabusa hooks. 


EXTENSION of submission deadline: February 28, 2009 March 15, 2009
Application Form

Submissions to be send to:
Gerd-Peter Wieditz

Elsa-Brandström-Str. 24
D-58455 Witten   
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All participants will also receive sample hooks by Hayabusa (sponsored by Stenzel Flyfishing)
Thank you very much!